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The quality of color depends on the people and technology that create it. Now there’s a software solution that offers the perfect blend of artistic understanding and advanced technology.

Innovatint is part of our totally integrated approach that ensures perfect performance and control throughout the complete color matching and color tinting process. It makes ordering colors quicker and more efficient, opening up sales opportunities and improving customer service. And with the ability to analyze tinting and sales data in real time, it can help you control your business like never before.

Flexible order handing with tinting queue feature
Predict market trends, adjust strategy and optimize portfolio
Optimize staffing with only 2 minutes of training needed
Capture market data on color and products sold, colorant usage and customers
Share knowledge easily, internally and between stores
Access to order history and unlimited color formulas

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We are proud to announce our new advanced statistics tool.

This new, online based, tool is very powerful and will allow for complete insight in market data. With its unlimited amount of reporting structures it can measure itself with the best CRM packages in the market. Combine this with a real-time overview of the status of your tinting machines and you will always have your information up-to-date.