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There’s an art to color matching. It requires the right mix of skill and technology to solve the most complex color challenges. Now there’s lab software that uses the latest techniques in characterization and color matching to produce highly accurate results. What’s more, with advanced management tools it also makes building and sharing databases quick and simple. Innovatint controls everything from products and colors to prices and access rights. In combination with the online module, this information can be gathered and shared.

Innovatint Lab is developed in such a way it serves several needs.

Ease of use:
People often do not like change and the same applies for people working with color matching software. To lower the threshold, Innovatint Lab has been designed in such a way that it guides the user through the software. With clearly marked sections and an orderly navigation panel, going through the software and finding what is needed is no hassle at all. An user should be able to work with the software in a couple of days, especially when they receive our Innovatint Lab training.

Innovatint Lab is flexible in many ways. For instance, it is possible to characterize colorants and bases as needed. But also the importing and exporting module supports many different formats, so even when using another color matching software formulas can be transferred easily.

By using the same database structure in the Lab and Point of Sale software setting up databases is done with a couple of mouse clicks. And by using an optional ERP plug-in backwards integration with ERP or CRM packages can be established.

Information about shops can be viewed in the powerful statistics tool integrated in Innovatint Lab. When combining this with the network tools we offer information about shops can be grouped to get a full overview of the market developments.