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Lab Manage

Innovatint Lab Manage is our entry level lab color software. No more hassle with importing and exporting data. Innovatint’s flexible management system, allows you to import data easily from external sources, and also export data to use it for other purposes. Due to its open structure, the user has full control over all this information.

Lab Manage works in one master database, but enables databases to be created on the fly that can be tailor-made for stores. The database manager can specify which products, color cards and prices are available, as well as the language, private label and user access right. Changes can be made at the store level at the click of a mouse and selection is automatic once a database has been set up. This ensures each store always receives the correct information, eliminating expensive errors and mistakes.

The lab color system can store an unlimited amount of formulas. They can be saved in a ‘for your eyes only’ format to ensure that a formula is only distributed to stores once it has been approved. Multiple formulas can be made available to your store selection. What’s more, it is also possible to keep track of all formula versions, including those that have never been available in store.

Innovatint Lab Manage Features:
  • Easy database build-up and management
  • Measure color cards
  • Import and export data
  • Formula management for lab and store use
  • Supports spectrophotometers
  • Advanced statistics tool
  • Color difference comparison tool
  • Direct dispensing
  • Store database management for products, color cards, prices, and user access control

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