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Network Tools

With the use of the Workgroup Server program it is possible to setup real-time replication between stores and the lab. It will enable setting up databases for each shop separately and group shops to share information among each other. With the flexible time schedule settings it is possible to have a variation in the replication intervals.

The replication solution can also be used to connect multiple labs. This will ensure that all labs within the same paint company are working with the same database structure, products, formulas, etc.

The software can use a simple FTP server for data exchange, but it is also possible to use file exchange sites such as Dropbox. Setting it up only needs to be done once, after this the file exchange goes automatically.

To keep track of the shops and to see if there are any problems, such as internet down time, a map based solution is integrated. This will show in an orderly way where the shops geographically are located and if they are online.

Workgroup Server is designed to be installed on a Windows server together with the database. Through a database connection Innovatint Lab installations can connect to the same database within the internal network. The replication will work in the shops with Innovatint Ultimate.