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Statistics Basic

With comprehensive market information at their fingertips, manufacturers can analyze data and share it between stores to improve the tinting service they provide with this color management software. Innovatint features everything from customer details and buying behavior, to insights into store performance, the most popular colors and the number of products sold.

The data that Innovatint generates can be used as a tool to predict market trends. Paint manufacturers can see gaps in their product portfolio and react accordingly, adjusting their company strategy to suit changing demand. Marketing and sales teams can also analyze the data to gain market insights that can help them to improve market share

With a fully customizable database color management system, new formulas, products, orders and customers can be shared and viewed in real time across all stores. This makes checking product data, advising customers and guaranteeing order accuracy simplicity itself. Complete order histories can also be shared across the network, creating a personalized service to encourage more sales. Formulas can be updated with the click of a mouse and the color management software is upgraded automatically when a new version is released.