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Innovatint is the first paint tinting software that creates a seamless flow of information between paint factories and customers. The advanced software enables manufacturers to manage information throughout the entire retail operation, from the store experience to your own ERP system, sales or marketing. Stores can achieve real-time integration through the use of a tablet version of the tinting system, which allows sales staff to focus on their customers. Innovatint can integrate all the data they need and help to improve customer service.

The program is designed to improve the complete in-store process and is based on 3 different philosophies. 

Ease of use:
The intuitive user-interface has a step-by-step guide on screen, so staff can get to know the paint tinting process in just a couple of minutes.

Multiple formula versions can be made available for each color, to guarantee the same color for customers over time.

And because staff can pay more attention to customers, they’re more likely to increase satisfaction and the value of the sale.

Innovatint achieves integration on multiple levels, such as integration with the dispensers the tinting software is installed on. This enables operators to refill colorants directly from the program and give basic machines commands.

A possibility to connect the software to an ERP system. This connection is mostly tailor made and build on request.

With the replication module it is possible to receive instant updates from the paint manufacturer for formulas, products, prices and much more. Besides this information about customers can be shared between shops to improve customer service.

With the email module customers can be informed whenever their order is being produced or ready for shipment. And with the product information that can be stored in the software, customers are better informed by the operators about, for example, how to use the products, technical specifications or health hazards.

For shop managers information can be found in the form of statistics and depending on the used Innovatint version, this ranges from basic overviews until real in-depth analysis about colorant, colors, products and customers.