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Innovatint Basic is our entry level Point of Sale software. Although being the least extended version it still sets itself apart from the competition.

As it is so easy to work with the operator should be able to start working and earning money for the company within 2 minutes. As all the order selection happens on the same screen the software will guide him through the order process.

With its waiting list feature Innovatint is highly flexible and gives the operator the possibility to make new orders, put them on hold, break up an order sequence and continue where he left off.

To keep track on the tints being made the history feature is really handy. It will show the operator and shop manager what has been done throughout the day, week or month. This in combination with the extended user account control (UAC) option it is visible who prepared which orders.

The UAC also enables complete shielding of the software so that operators can only use features they are entitled to. It is even possible to lock the computer so only working with Innovatint is allowed.

Innovatint Basic can be customized by introducing an own banner or choosing a different theme. This gives the software the look-and-feel that suits the corperate identity of the paint company.

Innovatint Basic features:
  • Simple, intuitive interface for everyday tinting
  • Fast search capability
  • Visual system guidance improves service
  • Formula history
  • Complete order history
  • Compatible with all major tinting machines producers in the market
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Basic statistics tool
  • User access control
  • Optional online help with Teamviewer integration
  • Control multiple tinting machines at once
  • Optional multiple database and/or zone connections

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