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Ultimate with Replication


Innovatint Ultimate with replication has all the features of Innovatint Ultimate but is expanded with an additional module for online updating of information and retrieving statistics.
This module enables the paint company to send and receive information in real-time from their shops across the world. As each database is shop specific, the management can be tailor made ensuring that only relevant information is sent. The replication module can be setup to serve three different needs.

Need 1 is sending information from the paint company to the shops. Paint companies can instantly send out updates for formulas, products, color cards, colors, user account control settings and much more. New information can be shared instantly, without the hassle of physically going to each shop to update the database.

Need 2 is retrieval of information. The only way to know what is going on in the world is to receive information about the business. With the replication module, all sales information is retrieved and sent back to the paint company. Once there, this information can be grouped and analyzed further. Information received is related to orders, customers and colorant usage.

Need 3 is the sharing of information. All the information that is received by the paint company can also be shared again to shops around the world. This means that a customer is not limited to one shop anymore. Of course the sharing between shops can be limited and managed by the paint company.

Innovatint Ultimate with replication features:
  • Features from Innovatint Ultimate
  • Online updates
  • Retrieve statistics
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