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Color Formulation

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Ultimate Complete


Innovatint complete is the full P.O.S. package. It has all the features of Innovatint Ultimate + the modules for replication and color matching. It is the most powerful package Chromaflo has to offer for P.O.S. use.

Innovatint Ultimate Complete features:

  • Track and store customer purchase history
  • Interactive page for fast and easy distribution of product information
  • Categorize products to search by group
  • One order for multiple items
  • Supports most spectrophotometers for color searches including mobile versions
  • Barcode-driven interface speeds up refills, order creation and validation and accessing customer history
  • Advanced statistics tool
  • Export customer, order and statistical data
  • Warehouse management for colorants and products
  • Online updates
  • Retrieve statistics
  • Color matching
  • Color correction
  • Primer recommendation

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